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Name:Kate Bishop/Hawkeye II
Birthdate:Aug 13
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Katherine "Kate" Elizabeth Bishop
Occupation: Student, Hawthorne Academy (Milliways: Julliard college student)
Age: 18-19ish
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Codename: Hawkeye
Registered: (Some speculation, but looks like no. *eyes Marvel vagueness*)
Location: New York, NY (Now with a handy dandy map of Marvel NY! Thanks Wizard and Marvel!)

Kate is the daughter of a rich publishing magnate, Derek Bishop. Her older sister, Susan enjoyed their wealthy lifestyle, but Kate as her charitable mother instilled in her, wanted to do more. Like her late mother, she would contribute to charities, and assist with soup kitchens, women's shelters and similar organizations. Even after her mother's murder, she endeavor all the more to help. In addition helping, in spite of what had happened to Kate in Central Park where she was brutally attacked (part of the assault is surmised to be sexual). Underwent top dollar therapy. Never wanting to be a victim again, or allow another to be so if she could stop it, she enrolled in physical fitness and self defense training. The elite Hawthorne Academy that she's attending as a student allowed her to add archery, fencing, and martial arts to her repertoire as well. Her life further changed when her sister's wedding at St. Patrick's was attacked by a group of armed thugs, and everyone was being held hostage. Some greenhorn superheroes showed up to stop the gunmen, though their efforts made things worse. Kate joined in to stop the thugs, though she was briefly held with a gun to her head. Luckily she had grabbed one of Patriot's throwing stars, and slammed the point into the man's leg to get free. After the police arrested the thugs, and later, she ran into Cassie Lang. The pair then headed to the now abandoned Avengers mansion where they met up into the other 'Young Avengers' group from before. There was some reluctance to accept the young women in, but Kate's photographic memory helped them out shortly afterwards. She also grabbed costumes and weapons from some of the storage rooms: Hawkeye's bow and arrow, Mockingbird's battle staves and costume, and the Swordsman's sword. This lead to several nicknames since she had no codename like the others for a while. She assisted the
other Young Avengers in dealing with Kang the Conquerer, and other foes. They had to give up those costumes afterwards, but she found a loophole by arranging new costumes and weapons, along with a new headquarters (an unused warehouse that her father's company owns) for the team.
Personality wise, she's passionate, determined with some leadership ability (which came in handy for the short time Patriot had stepped down), and willing to speak her mind to people, and offer suggestions. (Including to Captain America who later named her Hawkeye after the late Clint Barton, since the pair of them were the only ones willing to speaking to Cap so forcefully on what they believed in). Protective of others, and tries to think on her feet for solutions.
Abilities along with her physical training and photographic memory (possibly reflexes as well), she is an accomplished cellist.

Kate Bishop is from Young Avengers, and is the property of Marvel Comics. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, [info]shatterverse, [info]trans_9, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Her PB is Thora Birch, and of course, she belongs to herself.

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